As the exclusive marketing agent of Superior Management Trainings, Publimaks also provides training courses at clients’ location.

We can provide programs in the fields of:

  • 00whiteboard-transparentstrategic management,
  • general management,
  • leadership & personal development
  • organization development,
  • human resources management,
  • marketing & business development
  • sales & customer service,
  • project management
  • supply chain-, procurement & logistics management.
  • finance & accounting

Prior to conducting an onsite / company specific training, we will communicate with the client to collect all relevant information to enable us to adapt the content, material and methodology to suit client’s specific situation and needs.

The information to be collected includes:

  • Company profile including line of business and product & services
  • List of the intended participants including job title, job description and brief profile
  • Specific topics to be addressed / emphasized


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