Publimaks International is seeking a competent marketing & sales executives to take up the following positions

  1. Business Representative Dubai
  2. Business Representative Thailand
  3. Business Representative Vietnam
  4. Business Representative Timor Leste
The Key Duties
  • Represent the company in selected regions
  • Promote the company and its management & leadership training services
  • Identify prospective clients for the training services
  • Solicits formal inquiries for the training services
  • Forward those inquiries to us
  • Conduct the necessary follow-ups
  • Develop and maintain excellent relations with customers
  • Realize the agreed performance targets

The Candidate

  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in management or higher
  • Possesses the necessary competencies in sales and customer service
  • Has good communication and inter-personal skills
  • Has a high achievement motivation
  • Good English,
  • Able to effectively operate a PC with Ms Office programs
  • A resident of relevant country

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